Time for Change

Individual Counselling

Creating meaningful change through counselling can help with many of life’s difficulties and challenges. 

Whether it’s anxiety and depression or building and managing healthy relationships, counselling can be an important part in improving the quality of one’s life.

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Couples Counselling

Counselling can help improve communication and connection between couples and families.

Susan specializes in resolving conflict between couples and family members including parenting issues and recovering from affairs.

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why come to counselling?

People look for counselling for a variety of reasons. They feel they need help and are wanting to connect with someone that they feel comfortable talking to, and that will give them some guidance with what they are going through. Making the brave decision to reach out for counselling can feel daunting and intimidating. Often people aren’t sure what to expect and are nervous to talk to someone they don’t know about their personal thoughts. It takes some people a long time to finally reach out, at times due to their own negative beliefs about counselling, or the negative messages from society and people they know personally.

Many people come to counselling looking for support in dealing with difficult emotions, relationships and events that are occurring or have occurred in the past. Therapy can help with a variety of emotional concerns, help us identify patterns in our thinking and enhance our ability to create new ways of processing and reacting to situations. People can sometimes struggle with past events and feel that those past events continue to affect current ways of behaving, their life satisfaction and relationships.

Ockrant Counselling offers a warm, confidential and accepting atmosphere to talk about what you are struggling with and explore whether you might want to make changes in your life. Susan welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and appreciates the trust that clients place in her when they share their personal story. She will listen to what is happening in your life, explore what is interfering with you feeling good and be beside you as you travel the path to feeling better and increasing your life satisfaction. Together with Susan you will identify goals you would like to work on in counselling.


By the time couples come to counselling one or both of them are often resigned to the fact that the only solution seems to be separation, or they are reluctantly staying together for financial reasons or for the sake of the children. Commonly couples are also dealing with a breaking of trust, and are looking to see if their relationship can survive and be healthy and positive. Counselling can be a healing place to help you and your partner rebuild trust, emotionally reconnect and resolve issues. Coming into counselling can help you and your partner gain the tools you need to resolve conflict together. Read more


Family members access counselling for help with parenting, repairing relationships with adult childre​n, ​ parents or siblings, communicating and setting boundaries with teens and blended family issues.​ Understanding your family dynamics, improving communication, resolving conflict and creating closer relationships​ can be challenging in a family system, particularly when relationship difficulties have been there for many years or even generations. Coming to counselling with your family members can help you change the pattern of communication and create meaningful and lasting change. Read more


People come into counselling for a variety of issues that are affecting their lives. Some of these can be feelings of depression, anxiety, self esteem, relationship issues, parenting and separation or divorce. We create patterns in our own thinking and responses to situations that can affect relationships with friends, family and romantic partners, as well as how we function in other areas of our life like the workplace. These issues can negatively impact our lives in a variety of ways, and can be more manageable when talking to an impartial skilled therapist. Read more

Susan is a compassionate, empathetic and skilled therapist who has been successfully helping clients examine their thoughts and feelings, while achieving a greater sense of their own worth.

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