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Couples Counselling

Couples often need help in their relationships. Couple counselling can be helpful to improve communication and reduce difficult feelings like resentment. Couples often leave counselling with an increased feeling of close connection and better prepared to communicate through conflict in the future.

One of the stressors that often affects relationships is parenting. Whether you have a difference in parenting style or have a child going through difficulties or aren’t sure how to support them, couple counselling can be helpful to get some help and guidance.

As individuals we grow up learning from our own families about what love looks and feels like and what a healthy couple is. We are children observing others, receiving messages about whether we are important and loved by those that are in charge of taking care of us. We hope to also feel connected, bonded and attached to some of the people around us, and hopefully those are the people that are able to stay with us through our childhood and adolescence. We watch the couples around us communicate and observe the way they treat each other. All of these factors contribute to whether we feel secure, anxious or avoidant in our relationships as adults. If we have our needs met in our families and feel loved and connected, we have a better chance of being able to form and maintain healthy adult relationships.

Couple relationships are complicated. We try to get our individual needs met, we want to feel secure and loved, and it’s also about how we express our feelings, listen and respond to each other. Couple counselling can be helpful to improve communication and help individuals feel loved and secure in their relationship. When couples have years of dealing with life stressors and difficulties, not communicating well and avoiding conflict, resentment can build and closeness and intimacy usually decreases. Couples usually leave counselling better prepared to communicate through conflict and have an increased feeling of close connection and intimacy.

Some examples of why people seek couples counselling are:

My husband and I don’t seem to be connecting in the past few years. We seem to be growing apart.

There seems to be lots of tension between us, most of the time we don’t talk at all, just if we have to. I don’t want to bring anything up because it will lead to a fight.

Something has happened and I’m not sure if we can get past this. We need to come in and see if we can stay together, I’m not sure I can ever trust him/her again.

If you think counselling can help you in your relationship, please call me at 905 827-2121 and make an appointment.

Areas of Counselling Specialty include:

  • Improving communication and connection
  • Recovering from affairs
  • Resolving conflict
  • Parenting issues
  • Parenting after separation